2-Day Asia Pacific Clergy Nation-Building Seminar
In a world where religious diversity is both a challenge and an opportunity, the Pacific Christian Leadership Conference (PCLC) continues to play a pivotal role in fostering understanding, dialogue, and collaboration among Christian leaders of different denominations in the Asia Pacific region. On February 6-7, 2024, PCLC held a 2-Day Asia Pacific Clergy Nation-Building Seminar...
Asia Pacific Interreligious Forum for Peace and Harmony
The Interreligious Association for Peace and Development (IAPD), which is a project of the Universal Peace Federation (UPF), held its first Asia Pacific Interreligious Forum for Peace and Harmony on Thursday 23 November on the theme: “A Family of Faiths: Common Values”. The Interreligious Forum was a ninety-minute online event attended by 212 registered participants...
PCLC 2nd Anniversary
On October 24, 2023, together with the thousand Christian participants, some 101 religious leaders across the Asia Pacific region gathered both online and onsite at the UPF Philippines Peace Embassy in Quezon City, Philippines to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the Pacific Christian Leadership Conference (PCLC).  PCLC is an ecumenical organization under the umbrella of...
Christian Youth Action for Nation-Building
On October 21-22, 2023, a remarkable event took place in the town of Dona Remedios Trinidad, Bulacan, Philippines. The sacred grounds of Our Lady of Piat Shrine set the stage for the “Christian Youth Action for Nation Building” seminar. The event’s theme, “Ignite, Inspire, Impact: Building Together a Heavenly Community,” captured the spirit of the...
Inaugural Rally, PCLC
Making this project we were inspired by modern trends in the development of motorsport in the desire to create a perfect, fast and recognizable silhouette. Every line, every bend has been thought out to the smallest detail to fit perfectly into the overall concept. Also, we tried to take into account all engineering requirements and constraints.
WCLC and PCLC Joint Online Fellowship
Resilience is a new brand on the market and one of our happy clients. Branding is a complex of visions, concepts, shapes, colors, and, what is important, emotions about the product or company. It gives the first impression to the customer and helps to make the right choice from a wide range of offers. That is why branding is so important for the business.
Prayer Meeting: True Love in Action | Together for Tonga
Prayer Meeting Young Christian Leadership Conference, Pacific Christian Leadership Conference Prayer Meeting True Love in Action: Together for Tonga
The brand is not only the logo. The brand is a lifestyle. In this project, we want to share with you our work for the brand BLVK, where you can see how it combines with lifestyle. You can see the example of that combination in the interior, food, accessories, leisure, pet, and other sides of everyday lifestyle. Hope you will enjoy our work in this new collection.
This is Sparta!
What could be more enchanting than Ancient Greece? In this project, we have created the game art for a new role-playing game in the atmosphere of ancient Sparta, the city of true warriors. From childhood, they learn to hold the shield and the sword fighting against the enemy. And it doesn't matter you are a boy or a girl. First of all - you are a warrior.
Tauro 2030
In this project, we are excited to introduce you to our new concept of the hypercar. This is a quintessence of power and style. This highest-performing supercar may be the fastest and the most beautiful car in the world. We have accounted for all engineering requirements and constraints as much as possible based on modern knowledge about materials and their properties.
Dark Style Cars
Promo, Video
Since their inception, cars have always resonated with people. Car design has become a new direction in art, which quickly found fans around the world. In this project, we want to share with you our photo collection of exotic and just gorgeous cars from our client Darkstyle Peliculas. Just look at these perfect lines and curves. It will not leave you indifferent for sure.
Dodge Rider
One of the fastest muscle cars and the beautiful girl. This is just a brilliant combination of power, wildness, and purity. In this promo photography session, we have tried to highlight the refinement of this high-power vehicle and the beauty of its rider. We are glad to invite you to this trip together with us, to inspire you and allow you to feel the mood of this photo shoot.
Motor Showroom
Motorshow is a favorite place for connoisseurs of beauty and the power of wonderful representatives of the automotive world. This photography project demonstrates the collection of the most attractive cars from the latest showroom. This project has collected a lot of truly wild and beautiful vehicles from all over the world. Please, tell us, what is your favorite one?
Neon Garage
Promo, Video
The Neon Garage is a place where the magic happens. Just explore the materials from this project to believe in that. In this collection of photos and videos, we have gathered really good materials about how the guys from the Neon Garage work on their projects. These specialists with magical hands can transform an old car into a piece of art without a doubt.
Street Art
The passion for art is unstoppable. If you are talented, you have no boundaries. Some people prefer to create their art on paper. But for some people, this space is not enough. The walls of houses act as their canvases, and cities turn into their exhibition halls. In this project, we collected the most beautiful pieces of art from streets all over the world.
James is a new brand on the market and one of our happy clients. Branding is a complex of visions, concepts, shapes, colors, and, what is important, emotions about the product or company. It gives the first impression to the customer and helps to make the right choice from a wide range of offers. That is why branding is so important for the business.
Sunset Station
In this project, we want to present you our warm and cozy sketches for a new game called Sunset Station. This story tells about the adventures of a girl in a small cozy town. It seems that time has stopped in it, but just one event can turn everything upside down. We invite you to evaluate our creativity in this new project. Hope you will enjoy this.
Night City
Life in the city is stormy and unpredictable. Walking the streets of the city, you can see his soul, warmed by the rays of the sun and brightened by the smiles of the inhabitants. But the streets of this city become truly special after the sun sets over the horizon and the first street lamps are lit. We invite you to take a walk around this night city in our new project.
Boxed Water
Boxes are simple but good. Water is much better and healthier. But without a box, water is difficult to take with you or pass on to others. It turns out that just as a person cannot live without water, so water cannot live without a box. It is the concept that we are revealing in this project for a new brand of water inside boxes. What do you think about that?
The Purity
The purity of mother nature. What could be more beautiful and quivering than this? In this project, we tried to embody all the purity of nature, innocence, and beauty in the game art for a new game project. We invite you to touch the beauty with us. We hope you will enjoy this travel and after that, will share your thoughts about that with us.
This is a branding and product design project for one of the world's largest cosmetics companies. Creating this project, we have tried to highlight the organic nature of this product. Clean and pure style, clear water showcase all the beauty of Mother Nature that you can hold right in your hands. Crystal colors also complement the look and create a unique experience.
Hair of Fire
Computer games have long been more than just entertainment for children. Like cinematography and animation, it became one of the new kinds of art. And the look of the main protagonist in the game sometimes plays a decisive role in whether the audience will like the game. In this project, we present to your attention the concept design of the main character for a new game.