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The Pacific Clergy Leadership Conference (PCLC) held an online Inaugural Rally, Tuesday October 5, 2021. The theme was, “Stand Together – One Family Under God.” In total 193,000 people pre-registered via zoom from 47 nations. Additionally, TV stations in eight (8) nations broadcast the PCLC Rally, namely: the Philippines, Indonesia, New Zealand, Fiji, Palau, Vanuatu, Samoa, and the Solomon Islands. Four were national television stations and they reach millions across the Asia Pacific and Oceania.  One radio station from the Philippines aired the program as well. The Rally was also live-streamed on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

The internationally renowned gospel singers, “Hillsong,” rendered two inspirational hymns to the delight of the audience. Other world-class entertainment showcased Gerphil Flores dubbed “Asia’s Golden Girl,” the Asidors which is a Seventh-Day Adventists music ministry, and the University of Philippines Concert Chorus. Importantly, messages of hope and greetings from 17 Christian leaders throughout the Asia Pacific were aired. (Note: We actually received 28 messages of support but we did not include them all). So far, 106 clergies signed the PCLC Resolution. 

At the outset of her address Mother Moon, the foundation of the PCLC spoke, told the clergy, “I would like to speak about the truth of God’s providence, therefore. I have called upon you to become the righteous people of this time.” She went on to speak about God’s ideal of creation, His heart-wrenching sorrow at the fall of our first human ancestors, and God’s absolute and unchanging determination to lift up a people who can know the heart of God and His universal principles as this would be the foundation for sending Jesus Christ.

Dr. Moon, known by the title of her memoir, Mother of Peace, ended her nearly 20-minute keynote speech in the same spirit that she began, requesting the clergy to “… let people know properly about our Creator, and work to realize a world of peace wherein all people live in unity as one family of humankind, One Great Family under our Heavenly Parent.” After this, she hit the gong three times to officially launch the PCLC.

Other keynote speakers included Pastor Paula White from the City of Destiny Church in Florida; Bishop Ki Hoon Kim, Chairman of World Clergy Leadership Conference; Rev. Masaichi Hori, President of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification in Asia Pacific 2; and Dr. Robert Kittel a missionary in Asia for 46 years and the Co-Chair of the Universal Peace Federation – Asia Pacific.



Dr. Ki-hoon Kim

It is a great victory tonight for launching PCLC with Heavenly Parent and True Parents.

Thank you for your great leadership.


Dr. Jenkins

It was a great inauguration and convention honoring True Parents and showing a great number of Christians united in heart with True Parents from the Asia Pacific Region.  Congratulations to Rev. Hori and brother and sisters… all leaders forming the PCLC centered on True Mother.


Tyler Hendricks

A good introduction to True Mother; congratulations on the entire project and process!

BTW, is that really “Hillsong,” or is it just a Hillsong song being sung by someone else?

I know that Hillsong Church originated in Australia, which is part of your region. I truly would be amazed if Hillsong Church has united with PCLC!

[My reply, “It is Hillsong themselves. They gave us the right to use two of their songs in this Rally. The honorarium was minimum, about 100 Australian dollars.”]

Congratulations! They have global influence. We need to educate them… 

True Mother’s speech was good… and it begs education to help the clergy understand the Principle under it. I’m sure you’re working on that. Me too 🙂


Taj Hamad

Glory to God and True Mother. Moving introduction for our True Mother

Congratulations! It was very good. Would appreciate a copy of the intro, unedited version 🙂

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