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PCLC 2nd Anniversary

On October 24, 2023, together with the thousand Christian participants, some 101 religious leaders across the Asia Pacific region gathered both online and onsite at the UPF Philippines Peace Embassy in Quezon City, Philippines to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the Pacific Christian Leadership Conference (PCLC).  PCLC is an ecumenical organization under the umbrella of the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) that promotes Christian unity and interfaith cooperation.

Attended by religious leaders and members of the clergy from 26 nations across the Asia Pacific and the world, the event drew 86 onsite participants. sOn top of that, 178 registered online while 1105 joined through Zoom and livestreaming on YouTube, Facebook, and other online platforms. A number of nations including Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, and others organized watch groups gathering Christian ministers together to join the celebration online. 

With the theme “Stand Together in Spirit and Truth” as drawn from John 4:24, the event brought together Christian leaders to celebrate PCLC’s 2-year feat in elevating Christianity in order to fulfill its destiny as a beacon of freedom, faith, and family throughout the world.  The program commenced with Archbishop Elias Soria, National Coordinator of PCLC Philippines, greeting the distinguished leaders and guests attending onsite and online. It was followed by a short PCLC introductory video. After which, the Water of Life Ceremony followed suit with eight representative religious leaders who also recited the Prayer of Peace together with the audience. 

Rev. Masaichi Hori, Chairman of the Executive Committee and Co-Chair of the Organizing Committee of PCLC, gave the welcoming remarks touching on the significant role of religious leaders in creating peace, equality, and interfaith cooperation and in putting a stop to discrimination against faith-based organizations in different countries. He said that the time has come for Christian nations, especially the Philippines, to bring Christ to the hearts of people and to stand together and support spiritually all countries around the world. 

A musical offering by the Elim Christian Centre in New Zealand followed suit. After which, Bishop Dr. Ki Hoon Kim, Chairman of the World Christian Leadership Conference (WCLC) and Rev. Dr. Luonne Rouse, Co-Chair of the American Clergy Leadership Conference (ACLC), gave their congratulatory remarks. 

Bp. Kim commended the work of PCLC in the last 2 years and thanked them for their efforts in saving families, communities and nations in the Asia Pacific region centering on the Christian faith and tradition as guided by Mother Moon. He assured them of WCLC’s continuous support and cooperation in all their future endeavors and projects.

Dr. Rouse, on the other hand, expressed his felicitations to PCLC as they come and stand together in truth and spirit. He praised PCLC for its significant accomplishment in standing as a vanguard of Christian faith in the Pacific region looking out for the well-being of families as well as for the protection and safety of families and women and children in the different communities across the Pacific. 

A summary video report on the PCLC and YCLC Youth Service Project hosted by Rev Fr. Edgardo De Jesus at the Our Lady of Piat Foundation Dona Remedios Trinidad, Bulacan, Philippines, was played. Subsequently, the “Mother of Peace” video was also shown before Dr. Robert Kittel, Co-Chair of PCLC Organizing Committee, gave the most fitting and excellent introduction to the Keynote Speaker, Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, founder of the World Christian Leadership Conference (WCLC)and the Pacific Christian Leadership Conference

Speaking through a recorded video taken during the WCLC event in Las Vegas this October, True Mother delivered the Founder’s Address entitled “6000 Years of Human History and the Present Time Seen from the Viewpoint of God’s Providence.” In her speech, she spoke about how God has chosen America to stand to create a supportive environment so that the returning Messiah could complete the providence. She stressed that through the True Parents, we have welcomed a new historical era, a new history and providence where we could attend the Heavenly Parent on earth. She said that she sees us as her true sons and daughters and that we should be proud in front of the world to say that we are True Parents’ beloved sons and daughters.

The cake cutting ceremony ensued after the keynote speech and then the Appointment Ceremony for New PCLC Senior Advisers followed thereafter. Onsite, Pres. Hori and Dr. Kittel presented the certificate of appointment to Bishop Eliezer Zorilla from Jesus Is My Strength Int’l Ministry, Philippines. In Thailand, Dr. Lek Thaveetermsakul and Rev. Ursula McLackland awarded the certificate of appointment to Rev. Bishop Dr. Suraphon  Boonpratham, Chairman of Thai Evangelical Alliance Association in Thailand. 

For PCLC Philippine Senior Advisers, Philippine regional leaders in their respective areas presented the certificate of appointment to the following leaders:  Ptr. Reynaldo Claud, Assemblies of God, Palawan; Honorable Board Member Marivic D. Ramos, Chairperson on the Sanguniang Panglalawigan, Committee of Interfaith and Cultural Relations; Rev. Renato S. Caballero, KH, President of the Provincial Interfaith Council of Lanao del Norte and Dr. David Ditucalan, Consultant of the Provincial Interfaith Council of Lanao del Norte, Philippines. 

Subsequently, Dr. Julius B. Malicdem, Vice Chair of PCLC Asia Pacific, took the centerstage to give the Call to Action which summarizes what is in store for PCLC in the coming year, its future program and trajectory encouraging everyone to cooperate and to join PCLC in its future projects. 

Archbishop Soria then shared about important announcements. Afterward, Rev. Fr. Roberto V. San Diego, Episcopal Vicar for Religions, St. Francis of Assisi Parish, Philippines, delivered the closing prayer.  From there, everyone joined the group photo. The program ended in high spirits with the members of the National Leadership Training Program in the Philippines rendering a beautiful synchronized dance performance to the tune of “Tribe.” 

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