Congratulatory Messages

Congratulatory Messages

Messages from leaders all around the world

Mother Moon's Address

God our Creator had a dream. This is why He created all things in heaven and on earth. The last thing God created was a man and a woman who were to become the ancestors of all humankind and realize God’s dream on earth. Adam and Eve were given a time period in which to grow to perfection. In other words, they were given freedom and responsibility. Their responsibility was to keep the commandment, “Do not eat.” Unfortunately, instead of perfecting their character, our first ancestors disobeyed God and fell. As a result, self-centered disobedience is embedded in our world today from the very beginning of human history.



The omniscient and omnipotent Creator is absolute and unchanging. Therefore, for Him to realize His original ideal of creation on earth after the fall in the Garden of Eden, God had no alternative but to carry out the providence of salvation. He immediately began the arduous task to bring us back to our original ideal position before the fall. This was an unimaginably difficult and painful path. Yet, He did this without hesitation for the sake of His lost children. Human beings fell and as a result of our separation from God, we have been plagued by wars, conflicts, and diseases until today. People see no hope for the future, nor do they know how or when to find hope.

God, however, is alive and tirelessly working to bring us back to our original home. I have already said this to religious leaders before, “All religions share one common hope. This is to become free from the remnants of the fall and return to the original world of goodness that God dreamed of at the time of creation.”

I have also explained that throughout history religions have guided human beings. Now, however, it is obvious they have reached their final destination. This means the hope of humanity is to actually fulfill the original ideal that God had at the beginning of creation. God, our Heavenly Parent, wanted our first human ancestors to become true parents, ancestors of goodness connected to God as a couple. This was His dream. Therefore, unless a God-centered man and woman substantially fulfill that goal, only then can the original ideal of creation be realized on earth. 


The major social problems in our world today come from a confusion of family values and the ignorance of the proper role and responsibility of each family member. This moral chaos started in Eden with the first family, but now must be solved. The ideal of a perfected couple was at the very center of God’s original plan and purpose for creating. It must be realized at this time.

In 1960, Father Moon and I were blessed together in holy matrimony. On this day, the ideal of True Parents appeared on earth for the first time. We have led God’s providence of salvation by carrying out a worldwide movement to restore true families. This is the providence of rebirth and resurrection by which fallen people are born again through the grace of the Marriage Blessing. During the ten years since Father Moon’s holy ascension in 2012, God’s providence has expanded rapidly worldwide. I am working to create a global environment in which we can attend God, our Heavenly Parent, on earth starting with creating holy families and holy communities.

Because of the merit of this age, based on 6,000 biblical years of indemnity, we are now able to end the sorrow of God that “grieved him to his heart” (Gen. 6:6). Heaven’s long agonizing wait is over. Next year, in May 2023, the Cheon Won Gung and Cheon Il Sanctum will be dedicated. These are a holy palace and sacred chamber consecrated to God as our Heavenly Parent. The dream of God can finally be realized. The dwelling of our Heavenly Parent will finally be on earth. From this point on, a new history will emerge. I invite you to offer your deepest prayers of gratitude to Heaven. You are the ones to bring this hope to all people of the world.

Chairman, PCLC Executive Committee President Masaichi Hori Chairman, PCLC Executive Committee
Co-Chairman, PCLC Executive Committee Dr. Robert S. Kittel Co-Chairman, PCLC Executive Committee

Thanks to God and the Christian foundation established by the life, sacrifices, and victory of Jesus Christ and Christians over the last 2,000 years. We are blessed. Our most sincere appreciation for those who gave their support over the last 12 months since we launched the Pacific Christian Leadership Conference.

This includes guest speakers who have educated us, pastors who have prayed for us and one another, singers who have inspired us, as well as testimonies and reflections. Behind the scenes, the tech team and secretariat worked tirelessly to put together the programs, layout the flyers, write the invitation letters, and managed the internet side of the programs with the reports that followed. We are most grateful for their investment that made the programs run seamlessly from start to finish. 

We would also be amiss if we were not to recognize the inspiration behind this leadership conference. Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon believes so much in the necessity to revive the Christian spirit in all our churches and societies. We were much better people when we went to church on Sunday and ate dinner with our families.

In this age, we need to make Christianity relevant. It must, repeat must, address the problems that are faced today. With the rise of Hitler in Germany and communism in Eastern Europe Christianity was unable to address these problems in their infancy. They grew and festered into World Wars with millions upon millions of people dying and suffering. We must not repeat this ugly chapter of human history today.

If Christians can humbly listen to the fundamental teachings of Father and Mother Moon, they will be surprised and happy. Father and Mother Moon have worked their entire lives to bring about an awakening of the deep meaning in the Bible, God’s providence in human history, the value of Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection, and the need for his second coming. All these teachings have been centered on understanding God’s Logos — through whom all things were made. His Word is absolute and unchanging.

 As we look forward to our second year together, let us renew our fellowship and help to rekindle our faith in God, our heavenly creator and parent.

 God bless you, your families, and nations. 

Rev. Meilany Risamasu

Message of Support

“We thank God for the launching of PCLC! We are still facing the Covid-19 pandemic and its negative impact worldwide. Many Christian families and individuals are struggling. We need a common space that allows healing for souls in need of help. We must move out from our walls and barriers, and move into solidarity with others. As a big family, PCLC will not be able to run without the participation of God’s children who are called to be in solidarity with the weak, suffering, and those who are marginalized….


My questions is, how well and firm are we going to stand and act as one big family? We need you as our beloved sisters and brothers from all over the world to share your experiences, to voice out the voice of the marginalized subjects, to stand with the forgotten, and to share our love of God into real action”

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